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Congratulations on your NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant award. Here, you'll find program templates, forms and resources to assist you with managing your grant.

CIG Grantee Templates and Forms
New Grantee Guide (884.23 KB)


End-of-Project Reporting 

Grantees nearing the end of their project should read the information below carefully, which detail project closeout procedures and reporting.

Sample Final Report (904.45 KB)
Payment Requests for CIG

All payment requests (SF 270) and finance reports (SF 425) for projects awarded from 2018 to today must be submitted to ezFedGrants. Awarded projects before 2018 can continue to send these to with a copy to


You may use the NRCS logo in materials related to your awarded grant.

Download a JPG file of the USDA-NRCS logo (JPG, 36KB)

New Grantee Orientation

Links to DAY 1 Talks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Key Elements of Grantee Guide
    Video Title

    CIG New Awardee Orientation DAY 1 20220223 110237 First session

    Video URL
  3. Introduction to Grants & Agreements Division
  4. For Awardees: Tip and Tricks
    Video Title

    CIG New Awardee Orientation DAY 1 20220223 131437 Second session

    Video URL
  5. Communications Workshop
  6. Closing Remarks
    Video Title

    CIG New Awardee Orientation DAY 1 20220223 150009 Third Session

    Video URL

Links to DAY 2 Talks:

  1. On-Farm Trials Awardee Session
  2. Soil Health Demo Session
    Video Title

    CIG New Awardee Orientation DAY 2 20220224 110238 Meeting Recording

    Video URL
Environmental Compliance

The links below contain information on how to ensure projects and producers are in legal compliance with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service's environmental procedures.

NRCS Environmental Compliance Website

Cultural Resources

The links below contain information on NRCS’ guidelines for producers and projects whose geographic area of work overlaps with cultural resources. These may include structures with unique architecture; rock inscription; human burial sites; earthworks, such as battlefield entrenchments, prehistoric canals, or mounds.

NRCS Cultural Resources Website

More Information for CIG On-Farm Trial Soil Health Demonstration Awardees

The following documents provide guidance to the Soil Health Demo data requirements: 

Contact Us

For additional questions, contact the NRCS CIG team at